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Managed IT

Together, we can achieve a technical harmony within your business.


CM Comms are a channel partner of Ethos IT Solutions, a provider of Managed IT services throughout Scotland.


One of the main complaints we hear from our customers is that their existing telecoms provider does not communicate with their IT provider. Often this makes getting issues resolved an arduous and time consuming process.


It is for this reason that the directors of CM and Ethos have a long standing partnership and have historically delivered streamlined IT and telecom services as part of a single managed product. Both companies are specialists in their field.


What are the benefits of this Harmony?



There will be no ‘pillar to post’ scenario with us.

With CM and Ethos, the customer experience is the priority. Resolving the customer’s problem is our goal. We also take steps during installs to ensure that both your phone system and IT setup never conflict and instead work in technical harmony.


There will be no conflict or compatibility issues.

Any change to your telecoms or IT infrastructure will be approved by a consultant from both companies before proceeding.


Both of your products will deliver in ways that an isolated or IT provider would not achieve

If you are getting a new phone system, can it integrate with your CRM? Can your new leased line also be used to connect your sites together? Can your new fibre line host both your voice and data?



With our partnership, we ensure you get the maximum value out of the services that you take by treating them as a single, unified and integrated product.




Our IT Services


Through our partnership, we can offer the following products:


Managed IT Support

Our support offering is centred around the idea that a customer’s infrastructure should always function at the peak of its ability. This is why we offer customers a full onboarding healthcheck when they sign up.


This is offered free of charge and involves a technical consultant visiting your sites, speaking to your staff, and identifying issues for resolution, both minor and major. Whether it is an unwanted pop-up window, or something more serious, we want your first experience with us to be a positive one that we will then maintain going forward.


Projects and Enhancements

If Support is about taking your existing setup to the highest level, then Projects are about going beyond that with additional functionality.


Perhaps you want to work remotely for when people are sick? Perhaps you have a server that is critical to the business but is 5+ years old? Maybe you want to move that server onto a cloud platform and save the ongoing cost of resilience, ownership and maintenance?


Projects can come in any shape and size. Whether you are a sole trader who needs a secured storage space, or a large office in need of centralised security and file management, we will be happy to offer options.